Ruth W. Brinkley, RN, MSN, FACHE

Non-executive, independent

​2017, First Term, Kentucky

Expertise: Governance

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Col. (Ret) Peter P. McKeown, MD, MBA, MPA, MPH, FACHE

Non-executive, independent

2015, First Term, Kentucky

Expertise: Patient Safety

​Rev Mark B. Safeek

Non-executive, independent

2010, Third Term, Texas

Expertise: Patient Advocacy

​Rachel H. Safeek, MPH

COO, SafeCare Analytics

2017, First Term, Georgia

Expertise: Health Policy

James M. Francis, JD

Legal Counsel

​2017, First Term, Kentucky

Expertise: Patents, Trademarks, Corporate 

George Edwin Loftin, Jr. RN, MBA, FACHE

Non-executive, independent

2016, First Term, Florida

Expertise: Quality of Care

Linda M. Christmann, MD, MBA

Non-executive, independent

​2015, First Term, Florida

Expertise: Quality of Care

Donald E. Lighter, MD, MBA, FACHE

Non-executive, independent

2015, First Term, Tennessee

Expertise: Efficiency of Care

Steve Jacob, MPH, MA, MSBA

Non-executive, independent

2015, First Term, Texas

Expertise: Journalism

Lt. Col Naishadh Buch, MBA, PharmD 

Non-executive, independent

​2015, First Term, California

Expertise: Fiduciary

Yisrael M. Safeek, MD, MBA, CPE, FACPE 

Chairman & CEO

2010, Third Term, Kentucky

Expertise: Safe, Effective, & Efficient Healthcare

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