Ruth W. Brinkley, RN, MSN, FACHE

​2017, First Term, Kentucky

Expertise: Governance

Senior Vice President, 

Catholic Health Initiatives

Ruth Brinkley, RN, MSN - The SafeCare Group

James M. Francis, JD

Legal Counsel

​2017, First Term, Kentucky

Expertise: Patents, Trademarks, Corporate 

Rev Mark Safeek - The SafeCare Group

George Edwin Loftin, Jr. RN, MBA, FACHE

2016, First Term, Florida

Expertise: Quality of Care

Chief Nursing Officer,
Parrish Medical Center

​Linda M. Christmann, MD, MBA

​2015, First Term, Florida

Expertise: Quality of Care

Former CEO, 

Montreal Children’s Hospital

Donald E. Lighter, MD, MBA, FACHE

​2015, First Term, Tennessee

Expertise: Efficiency of Care

Institute Healthcare Quality

Steve Jacob, MPH, MA, MSBA

​2015, First Term, Texas

Expertise: Journalism

McClatchy Tribune Journalist

Linda Christmann, MD, MBA - The SafeCare Group

Lt. Col Naishadh Buch, MBA, PharmD 

​2015, First Term, California

Expertise: Fiduciary

Chief Operating Officer,

Lompoc Valley Medical Center

Naishadh Buch, MBA, PharmD - The SafeCare Group

Yisrael M. Safeek, MD, MBA, CPE, FACPE 

Chairman & CEO

2010, Third Term, Kentucky

Expertise: Safe, Effective, & Efficient Healthcare

Yisrael M. Safeek, MD, MBA - The SafeCare Group

Committed to advancing and improving healthcare through partnership of cutting edge software in the US and globally      


Col. (Ret) Peter P. McKeown, MD, MBA, MPA, MPH, FACHE, FACS

2015, First Term, Kentucky

Expertise: Patient Safety

Harvard-trained Heart Surgeon

Rev Mark B. Safeek

2010, Third Term, Texas

Expertise: Patient Advocacy

Retired Clergy

Rachel Safeek, MPH - The SafeCare Group

​Rachel H. Safeek, MPH

2017, First Term, Georgia

Expertise: Health Policy

Interim Chief Operating Officer,

SafeCare Analytics

James M. Francis, JD - The SafeCare Group
Peter McKeown, MD, MBA, MPA, MPH - The SafeCare Group