Our first 100 SafeCare Hospitals® listing was in 2013 . To produce a meaningful ranking of US hospitals, The SafeCare Group® looked to existing law for guidance of a comprehensive framework for the 100 SafeCare Hospitals®. The distinguished medical and legal experts who designed, developed, and implemented the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) of 2005 believed that a listing of high performing hospitals in the areas of low rates of infections, complications, and readmissions would promote strong incentives to improve care. The SafeCare Group® adopted this framework for the 100 SafeCare Hospitals® methodology, as it represented holistic, evidence-based metrics and reflect a balanced Scorecard of low rates of infections, complications, and readmissions. Hospitals that performed poorly on these evidence-based metrics receive a financial penalty from the CMS. We believe that these listings would incentivize doctors, nurses and hospitals to improve care and reduce unnecessary errors that harm patients. The ratings compare hospitals according to like sizes at three levels: over 400 beds; 100-400 beds; and under 100 beds. 

100 SafeCare Hospitals

100 SafeCare Hospitals DISTINCTION  

Recognizing 100 Hospitals with

low ​​​Infections, Readmissions, & Complications.