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clinical integration

OPPE Readiness App makes OPPE & FPPE easy and exceeds regulatory standards.

PQE software aligns the medical staff with patient safety, quality, and efficiency of care goals.

ValuTrax II software is our web- based solution to HRRP as it enhances physician alignment.

ValuTrax I software ia our web-based solution to VBP as it enhances physician engagement.

The SafeCare Group 

is where hospitals come to when they want better results in Patient Safety, Quality, and Efficiency metrics. 

Our web-based PQE software suite lets your organization achieve a rapid “return on information” from the data you worked so hard to consolidate in the EMR. PQE software sits on top of any EMR, HIE or data repository and intelligently searches and retrieves actionable Patient Safety, Quality, and Efficiency information for 54 clinical specialties. This specialty-specific information is delivered to the practitioners to engage and align them with national initiatives. We call it “The SafeCare Initiative".  



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The SafeCare Group launches four new software to help hospitals.

CLIENTS' Results

We make a difference by improving physician engagement and alignment through our web-based, automated, and affordable OPPE Readiness App, PQE, ValuTrax I, ValuTax II software.